Angela’s movie WITH THIS RING, starring Gabrielle Union and Jill Scott, premiered on Lifetime and was based on the novel, THE VOW, which she co-authored with Denene Millner and Mitzi Miller. She also wrote the social media thriller FRIEND REQUEST (2020), HOLIDAY HEIST (2019), THE CHRISTMAS LOTTERY (2020) and developed the treatment for the romantic comedy ANGRILY EVER AFTER (2019) for BET. She has also written several holiday movies for OWN: SISTERLY CHRISTMAS (2019), COOKING UP CHRISTMAS (2020), A CHRISTMAS FUMBLE (2022) and GREAT HOLIDAY BAKE WAR (2022). Her new thrillers LOVE MARRY KILL, CRUEL ENCOUNTERS and the breast cancer drama A PROMISE TO GOD will premiere in 2023 on BET.