Rom Coms

With This Ring (2015, Romantic Comedy)


When three best friends in Los Angeles vow to get married within a year, each woman experiences her own difficulties getting to the altar. Can Trista (Regina Hall), the hyper-driven celebrity agent, schedule a meaningful romance? Will Amaya (Eve), the sexy starlet, convince her married lover to leave his wife? Will Vivian (Jill Scott), the jaded gossip columnist, win back the father of her child. Three women navigate the shark-infested waters of Hollywood to find fulfillment by personally and professionally.

Angrily Ever After (2019, Romantic Comedy)


Respected news anchor, Tia Logan, loses everything when she catches her cheating fiancĂ© and has an “Angry Black Woman” moment that goes viral. What she thinks is the end, becomes the start of a new career with a new man and a new purpose.